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IPP meeting tonight 7pm

Meeting tonight at the Brolly of local campaign Smash IPP – a group against ‘Imprisonment for Protection of the Public’ sentences, which are out-dated, used unfairly, and not benefitting anyone.

“IPP is a law that means that prisoners can be kept in jail after their sentence is over for the ‘protection of the public’ and even though this law has now been abolished, thousands of people are still locked up because of it. These people have no idea when they will be released, and some could potentially be in jail the rest of their lives.”

For more info see: http://smashipp.wordpress.com

The Rail Yard Ghosts, Peasants and Bandit the Panther + more! April 6th

rbu ryg gig posterWith great pleasure we announce the line-up of our next gig at the Umbrella, we are excited to welcome some International, Boot Stomping Bluegrass from-

RailYard Ghosts




+ Support from
(USA), Bandit the Panther (UK) and Ash Victim!

With food and a short film to open the night.

The event will raise ABC funds for our fallen friend and Comrade who passed away earlier this year. Profits will go to prisoners he was in contact with and supporting from outside the cage, who need funds as their legal aid has been dropped. For more information you can keep an eye on this site and come along to one of our next Cardiff ABC meetings.

“So, farewell for now, my friend, until the next round of magic and mayhem against civilisation.”

Suggested Donation £3

Doors at 5pm.
BYOB- drink tolerated, drunkenness not!


Solidarity With Ubica Arrestees

http://en.squat.net/wp-content/uploads/en/2013/05/ubica_0.jpgAutonomous spaces are rare and (sometimes) beautiful things that are often overlooked by the majority of society. People can walk past the same space a hundred times without batting an eyelid, while continuing on their drone like life. Safe in the knowledge that those “hippies”, “scroungers” and “layabouts” are out of the way, safe in the knowledge that their idea of “normality” is not challenged.

However, on the night of May 24th in Utrecht there was no way of ignoring any longer, no way of hiding the truth of the conflict that rages on a daily basis around the world. What escalated into an onslaught requiring: riot pigs, mounted pigs, and even flying pigs, was resisted using burning barricades, fireworks and an arsenal of paintbombs in defence of the squat Ubica which had stood for 21 years as a home to beautiful people and ideas.

A full report can be found here.

To the detainees,

We at the Red and Black Umbrella wish to express our unconditional solidarity with all 11 detainees who were taken captive after bravely defending the squat Ubica .

Your actions (while not needing any) were more than justified. In the face of ever widening austerity and repression across prison fortress europe, these spaces are valuable parts of the community providing space for creativity to blossom and the individual to realise themselves. When taken we lose a home/meeting place/hideout/workshop or any number of other things that the mind can create of a space.

Your actions were not in vain. We all know that it is only a matter of time once the eviction process begins, that the loss of the building is inevitable. But our strength is not only in keeping the bricks and mortar, it is in the home we make of it in our hearts. It is not only in the ferocity with which we defend it but in the shared pain that we feel when a space is lost. These ideas and emotions transcend language, borders, class and fuel fires in the hearts of comrades the world over.

Fuck the law! Squat the world!

Kraken gaat door! Mae sgwotio’n parhau! Squatting coninues!

AFIACH 15/06

AFIACH presents:

C.U.B.A. Cabbal & DJ Leleprox     -     Y Pencadlys     -     Jamey P & Rufus Mufasa

       (Militant Rap from Italy)       (Datblygu-esque electronica) (Cream of Cardiff hip-hop)

@ The Wells Hotel, 77 Craddock Street, Riverside, CF11 6EW

7-11pm Saturday 15th June 2013

£3 – £5 Suggested donation that goes towards supporting G8 prisoners in Italy

ABC Belarus Info Talk (@ Wells Hotel)

On Saturday the 23rd of Feb. @ 6pm there will be an info talk by a member of Belarus ABC at the Wells Hotel.

You will hear about the situation of anarchists facing years in prison, the work being done to support them and resistance to repression in Belarus, Europe’s “Last Dictatorship.”

For more information on the prisoners, Belarus ABC, the international solidarity that they have received and how it has helped – visit afed.

The Wells hotel can be found at 77 Craddock St. CF11 6EW. It has played host to a range of awesome events over the past couple of months and we can only hope that there’s more to come.