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IPP meeting tonight 7pm

Meeting tonight at the Brolly of local campaign Smash IPP – a group against ‘Imprisonment for Protection of the Public’ sentences, which are out-dated, used unfairly, and not benefitting anyone.

“IPP is a law that means that prisoners can be kept in jail after their sentence is over for the ‘protection of the public’ and even though this law has now been abolished, thousands of people are still locked up because of it. These people have no idea when they will be released, and some could potentially be in jail the rest of their lives.”

For more info see: http://smashipp.wordpress.com

Public Meeting: Resisting the North Wales Mega Prison

wrexham prison talk


















About the Prison

The idea of a new mega-prisons in the UK emerged in 2008, but failed due to opposition. Now back on the agenda, planning permission was granted in January 2014 for a Category C prison with the capacity to hold 2,100 adult male prisoners in Wrexham, North Wales.

Like all prisons, it will imprison poor, working class people, individuals with mental health challenges & learning disabilities, abuse survivors as well as people of colour and immigrants. The prison will cost more than £250 million to build.

Why organise in South Wales?

Several of the companies involved in the project are based in Wales. Resistance to the prison will need to be taken to the companies themselves. Once built, the prison will need to be kept full to ensure it is a profitable enterprise. People from communities in Wales and the North West will be who are sent there to ensure private companies can continue to profit from caging human beings.

For more info: http://cape-campaign.org

or for the local group in Cardiff, email: info[@]cape-campaign[dot]org