Everyday things

  • building materials
  • any paint
  • bike tools
  • bike parts (new)
  • radical books, zines and other literature
  • paper/card
  • postcards
  • big cooking pots
  • old mobile phones and spare sim cards
  • ‘perspex’/plastic sheeting approx. 100cm by 180cm (and at least 2mm thick)

Off-grid stuff

  • fan blades
  • large batteries (not car batteries)
  • any cables
  • spoons
  • spare parts from speakers (mainly magnets)
  • spare bike parts (any condition, but mainly wheels and frames needed)
  • spare parts of washing machines  (mainly motors, water pumps, belts)
  • spare parts of cars, motorbikes, scooters etc (mainly alternators, fan belts, lights)
  • spare solar panels?!
  • a scaffolding pole


  • volunteers
  • ideas
  • and donations are always welcome!