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Cardiff Homeless Action event for World Homeless Day

This Saturday a number of groups in Cardiff and south Wales are hosting an event to mark World Homeless Day.

It’s an event to raise awareness and to get people involved in taking further action together with people who are homeless.


Daytime – 3pm to around 6pm - info-stalls, music, free food, art, kids activities, speakers, free-shop and workshops; including destitution, squatting and skipping.

Evening – 7pm to 11pm – live music and a DJ, bar


‘Relaunch’ in motion…General Meeting tonight (and lots more!)

A building was squatted – it became a social centre and was named after an umbrella.

Now, after two years, we who live in it want to invite more people to be a part of the activities of the social centre, and call-out for help to go forward with events, gigs, info-nights, film showings and more, which will benefit people in East Cardiff and beyond, and provide a lasting injection of ideas of radical social change in an area where poverty is creating destitution and government cuts are biting further.

To further our aims we will have monthly meetings, work-days, and as much as we can possibly fit into this space.

We hope to see you at the first of these meetings, tonight, at 7pm, and please check the Calendar for more events already organised for this month as we welcome the coming of the spring!

Love, peas, rage, and don’t forget Squeebs!

Happy two and a half years (nearly!) x