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Folk Art/Graffiti, Seedswap, Edible Gardening, Vegan BBQ, Music+ more! This Sunday 11th May

Folk Art and Gardening day at the Red and Black Umbrella- The Revolution is Growing!

This Sunday we will happily be opening our doors to the community as we host an autonomous folk arts, bbq, music and fun day on sunday. Bring paint ya’ll!

From 11am onwards we will be sharing music, vegan food, seeds and art.
We ask and encourage those who use the space to bring vegan food, seeds to swap, paints to decorate our newly white-washed social centre walls and gardening supplies that we can use for the edible garden that we hope to start cultivating this year.

We have a nice clear space ready for Sunday, thanks to those who attended our productive (work) day yesterday.  It’s time for the space to get a new face on!
Ideas for the outside of the building greatly appreciated.

We welcome families and dogs
57 – 5 8 clifton street, cardiff.

Love and Peas! xX

Queer & Queer Allies Talk

On Saturday 2nd March, alongside the regular free cafe from 4pm, there will be a Queer and Queer Allies Talk @ the Red and Black Umbrella.

It will be an open space for LGBT+, queer and allies to meet, talk and share information, literature and music over a cup of tea and some biscuits.

All welcome, leave prejudices at the door.


**Time changed because of clash with pro choice demo 2-4pm St. Mary St.**

Next Social Centre meeting

The next meeting about the Social Centre will be on Saturday March 2nd at 6pm. We want to be a space for communities and activists to get the most out of, so come along with any ideas and projects you want to share / help create. Or just to be part of the discussion of where we go next.

All welcome. (Dogs – let us know in advance. No pigs.)