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Workday! this Sunday

- The return of the original workday format…

Breakfast together at 11am, work together from 12noon.

Areas to be worked on are:

  • Backyard(en)
  • Clearing tat from and fixing lights in main room and possible start of redecorating.
  • Fixing lights in toilet/bathroom
  • Workshop/tool-room
  • Bin store/old mini-kitchen
  • Gig room if there’s time?

The more people that come, the more we can do, so come help make it an active and fun day (as we put some tunes on the radio!) and work together to bring some light and life back to the space. :) :)

Adamsdown Spring…

Hey everyone.

We've been through a lot in the last 2 years, 3 months, but Adamsdown's
Social Centre is still running, and we welcome new people getting
involved: PLEASE COME ALONG if you have any ideas for the space or would
like to use the space to run an event of your own...Revolution-ReLOVEutionThere haven’t been many people showing up to the social centre meetings,
so we’ve decided to hold more promoted ones once a month. They will be on
the first Tuesday of every month.

Therefore the next general meeting will be on Tuesday 4th March at 7pm.

And around this time we plan to hold a workshop to get another step
forward in renewable energy generation - with the making of our very own
pedal powered generator! So we can then always keep the juice in the
batteries! :-D 

We are also starting weekly cleaning and maintenance sessions, hoping to
improve the condition of the building itself and make it more suitable and
inviting as a venue. If you want to help out or get to know the crew, come
along on Saturday between 12noon and 4pm.

It is also possible to contact the crew by emailing us on the usual email
address - redandblackumbrella[at]riseup.net
- or through the Cardiff Squatters Network phone on 07596 821 368 – we'll
be checking these regularly and ideas suggested can be raised
by someone on your behalf at the next meeting if you can’t make it
Meetings, as ever, at the Red and Black Umbrella, 57-58 Clifton Street,
Cardiff CF24 1LS – hope to see you there.

Love & rage

The crew - squeebo, gala, indi, lost and danu - x