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Happy Birthday to us!

The Red and Black Umbrella is now three years old!

Running a Social Centre isn’t easy, and the last few months have been particularly challenging.

We aim to continue to be a resource for the community and will be going through what could be our last winter together in the ‘ol Tred, and to kick off the 4th year of Red and Black events and activities, we’ve put together a week of anniversary events that capture the spirit of what the last three years have been about…

The programme for the week so far:anniv3


The Laboratory of Futureful acts- Women’s(only) body language workshop

We are going to step outside of the ordinary the normed and find ourselvesin a group that is female dominated in number.

Saturday 9th November, 2013. 2.30pm

Groups are rarely that,
they are mostly mixed or male dominated,  as a gender we often do not have
much access to female social space. Social space,-club space eating or
drinking space, is male dominated. The street is mixed.
In order to be sure of this we must skew the balance against the norm and
draw the invitation line at women only. This is a group conciseness window
which we can use to experience Normed human interactions objectively.
I want us to explore body language, space and status, using theatre games
and demonstrations.
The best way is by having fun. This is not about being deadly serious.