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‘Bike Works’ – bike workshop goes weekly!

bike works single

The Red and Black Umbrella bike workshop is now a weekly event!

It’s called Bike Works and hosted by our favourite local bike expert!

Come every Tuesday between 2pm and 4pm to learn how to fix your bike, or make a new one from parts available!

Also come for fine tuning to make your bike journeys smoother!

No experience necessary.

Tools and experience on hand.

Donations for parts welcomed.

Circus-skills moving to Sundays

untitledCircus-skills afternoons, now including pole-dancing and general fitness are going to move to Sundays from this weekend. At the same time, 2pm – 5pm.

This will replace the bike workshop which is looking for a new weekly time slot and more people to help run it.

No Borders meetings are no longer at the Red and Black and are currently moving across Cardiff.

Thanks to everyone who has helped and continues to help make our regular events successful. You can now see all our current events on our calendar.



Two great workshops returning!

We’re happy to announce the return of two great RBU workshops:

The free bike workshop (formerly Black Spokes) and the Circus skill-share are back!

We’re hoping to make these both regular events again but it depends if there is enough interest to make it happen, so please turn up to support these events if you can!

rbu bike workshop aug2014circus skills september

You can find more information on our events on the website’s Calendar and Events Calendar (which is hopefully also going to include regular events at some point!)