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More from 325

From 325 magazine– 

I will wander the world alone carrying my hatred and scorn everywhere.
Alone in struggle.
Alone in victory and in defeat.
Bruno Filippi 

Souls who are grieving for this world, this is why I call you to gather together.
The flag is already waving.
It is black; it stands for mourning. Forward then, wild Promethei. The cry of vengeance is music sweet and dear.
Today it is necessary to kill, to destroy … tomorrow we will be daisies …
Forward, Federation of Sorrow!
Bruno Filippi 

Nothing delicate can survive here.
Nothing fine.
Only the brutal.
Seagulls brash as boys.
The rest sit thin-skinned as frogs,
trying to throw themselves like the sun into the formidable sea.

“So, farewell for now, my friend, until the next round of magic and mayhem against civilisation.”


Link:- 325.nostate.net

In memory of Darko Mathers…a lost comrade…

While we knew him for only a short time, we couldn’t fault the dedication and passion of a comrade uncompromised by the struggle…

“a comrade through and through….i will remember him for a long time.”

“a top bloke and a good mate. You taught me a lot and your conviction in your beliefs was something to be admired, I’m grateful for the time we had”

“Darko was in his early twenties. He died too soon, like many of the best.”


The struggle goes on, he will be in our minds and hearts as the barricades go up and the battles go on…