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No Borders info-night on the Moroccan border

No Borders Morocco :-

Solidarity with the self-organised resistancemorocco of migrants in Morocco to the EU Border control regime by European anarchists staying in Tangiers, a city on the Morocco-Spain/Africa-EU border.

We’re unable to host the talk tonight as no-one from No Borders Morocco can make it due to an ongoing issue in another city…

…but we’re happy instead to show the film 14 Kilómetros, by Gerardo Olivares, about the situation there. One of the activists plans to come to Cardiff to share some of the info-talk prepared, and the music that’s been written there, another time soon.

The location has also changed…

New details:

Tonight (17th July) at Cardiff’s newest squat – on Moira Terrace, opposite the prison.
There will be a film screening of Gerardo Olivares’ movie “14 Kilometros”

8pm to 11pm.

More info about the group –

End Vivisection at Cardiff University

A research program taking place at Cardiff University to tackle major human diseases by breeding and experimenting on genetically modified mice is causing nightmarish suffering to hundreds of thousands of animals every year. For every GM mouse used in an experiment, hundreds more will die or be killed as ‘surplus’ or ‘failures’. The scale of suffering involved is greater than in any other area of animal research.

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