GM minutes 4th March 2014


Pot luck 7th March – cooking?

Workday 13th March for Stop NATO gig 15th

NB Morocco gig 22nd March

April memorial gig

3rd May (zombie survival weekend gig)

5th/6th June antifa skacore

Keys / opening up the space

Social centre event ideas e.g. classes


Friday 7th March is a people’s Kitchen and open mic night. Skip run Thursday 6th. J to cook.

Workday 13th March – clear up prior to NATO gig

22nd March No Borders Morocco gig. Food for bands? Number of people unknown. Start 6pm with food – J will cook. Workday prior to event for clear-up? A to ask Riverside crew for projector / EL/BJ for preparation of equipment. JS to ask OP and JB for pa stuff.

Relaunch of Social Centre – Locks for upstairs / more keys cut? Volunteer basis for keyholders? Advertising squat phone number. LL – incidents of people being locked out when events are arranged. Discussion at house meeting and feedback to Social Centre meeting (General Meeting). Benefit gig for ‘Relaunch’ of the space – for equipment, locks, pa…

RailYard Ghosts from USA coming to play gig. Suggested to be a benefit for D and squat. April 6th suggested but April 5th might be better. D’s mother wants to visit and meet people. LU looking at dates for putting event on at same time. Probably April 5th.

Zombie survival weekend. DS/AR wants to put on event afterwards. We need more info. Could be a benefit for the space as it would be about 2 and 1/2 years since squat crack.

AOB – Regular workdays – saturday? Space at the back for clearing? Difficult to assess how much it will need. Equipment needed – strimmers?

A – working groups for ‘interest areas’? (Gardening etc) And for flyer explaining more about RBU / for more interest – 1st working group – designing a flyer. Communique from before unfinished after work on safer spaces policy never printed.

Publicity working group launched. Further discussion after workday on 13th.

Minutes – for communication and/or to refer back to? Why have minutes – record of discussion – progress. Minutes can be published online? Agreed.

Request for more text out of things. Weekly texts rather than last minute is better.

Discussion on what can be achieved seasonally e.g. summer/winter. ”Now is the time to do stuff” – TY

Separate into a Social Centre working group? Suggestions out to people at future meetings.

Month between meetings a long time? Meetings every two weeks help keep a focus. But meetings every two weeks tried and not enough people came. Meetings every three weeks also tried. Timing dependent on energy levels?

What is decision making process between house/social centre? – Dependent on the situation e.g. sometimes house meetings weren’t happening, sometimes Social Centre meetings weren’t happening. Today is first Social Centre meeting to set aims/objectives etc again.

List of things that need to be done for the space. Aims/objectives/targets – clear vision for the Social Centre – increase energy and participation. Clear definitions for social centre and for house?

Thursdays 8:30pm meditation could come back.

Social Centre group meeting (Publicity working group?) Two weeks time – 5pm Tuesday 18th March.

Zine – D wanted to launch a zine. Make a zine for the RBU? Other people looking to take this forward – more general zine? JM looking for contributions. Email RBU email for JM’s email. Article on RBU in first edition of new general zine.