GM minutes 2nd September 2014


Policies – Safer spaces / Bands / Volunteer rota system

Pole dancing practice / workshops

Radical Theory / history workshops

Activist Trauma support meetings

Self defence workshops


No Borders Morocco Fundraiser / gigs in general

Unite Community open meetings



  1. Policies – Safer Spaces

Is there a policy? Some people walked out with the only copy of the draft policy written around two years ago.  It’s also saved on someone’s laptop. This can be written out again or printed. It’s a violent world, we’re never really safe but these policies are essential and the Red and Black Umbrella really should have one.

Proposal – A meeting to discuss the safer spaces policy and how to implement it. Agreed.

Proposal – to have this meeting in less than two weeks, so to call a special meeting. Agreed.

Proposal – also to have an aim to run workshops on safe space issues, e.g. drunken behaviour, consent. Agreed.

Meeting will be Wednesday 11th September at 6pm.

2.   Policies – Bands / Gigs

Clarification of policy – “Gig money policy – 50/50 minimum split, 150£ maximum cap” (agreed on June 3rd 2014)

Proposal for alteration to policy – Have two policies: Donation only (pay what you can) and fixed price (but not-for-profit).

Some discussion about previous gigs and how much money was raised.

“Benefit to a cause doesn’t have to mean money raised”

Proposal – bands will always be offered petrol money. Agreed.

Proposal – to never ask for more than £5 on the door. Agreed.

“Should we be talking about band’s expenses instead of just petrol money?”

“We need to work better at promoting our gigs”

Proposal -

“Benefit gigs have the option of a fixed-rate entry price on a non-profit basis, capped at £5 on the door. Cap of £150 per band including petrol etc. Other gigs are donation based and bands need to be aware of this (as the income is unpredictable).” Agreed.

3.   Policies – Volunteer rota

Proposal – make a sign to use when the RBU is open. Agreed.

Proposal – Use the social centre space more in the day, promote it as such and get people involved. General agreement.

“Set times would work best, and putting them on the website”

Proposal – two designated volunteers should be in the space when it is open. One in the main room and one in the free-shop. Agreed.

Proposal – have regular opening times as 5-7pm as this is after work. Disagreement as it will be too dark soon at these times.

Proposal – open two days a week – Tuesdays and Thursdays. Some agreement but no decision reached.

Proposal – use an A-board when the space is open and paint opening times on the sitex. Agreed.

Proposal – create a volunteers group ‘working group’. Some agreement.

Proposal – as no decisions could be reached to move it to the next meeting after more thought. Agreed.

Proposal – to work to get more lighting in the main room in the mean-time. Agreed.


Pole dancing practice / workshops

Proposal – to put a pole for pole-dancing workshops in the gig room.

Structure to be looked into, reviews will be needed to check it’s all ok.

Proposal agreed.


Radical Theory / history workshops

Proposal – R would like to start radical history and theory info-talks and discussions.

These could be weekly. R to start but anyone could do a talk in the future also.

We could advertise them at academic institutions around Cardiff.

Proposal agreed. R to find a date for the first one which will be about money.


Activist Trauma support meetings

Regular mental health events.

“A safe space where people can come and talk about something that has been traumatic.”

Proposal – Weekly on Thursday evenings? This is a clash for one person who may wish to attend.

Proposal – Sunday? Someone who would be there to start a discussion off is away that day next week, so would have to wait.

If Thursdays is the day that this goes ahead, as it might be a better time in general, then no clash with meditation as this is confirmed as moving to a new space.

Meditation organiser thanks the Red and Black Umbrella for the previous use of the space for meditation.

Proposal – Instead of doing it at the RBU, ask other groups and spaces about doing something wider and rotating it around Cardiff. Agreed.


Self defence workshops

Proposal – Use Thursday evenings for classes on self-defence.

“Skill-share or lessons?” To be discussed in future meetings as proposer isn’t in the meeting.



Already discussed.


No Borders Morocco Fundraiser / gigs in general

Proposal – Hip-hop/rock event on October 4th.

Headline act to instead be open jamming with MCs and anyone from the audience.

Flyer – hand to ‘Freshers’ arriving in Cardiff. PJ to make flyer.

Proposal agreed. Meeting to discuss more – Thursday at 7pm.

Other gig – 27th September. Publicity? Contact 2 Sick Monkeys.

Guidelines for putting on gigs?

“Generally the person booking bands is responsible for it all”

“Guidelines help to know what to do if you’ve never put on a gig before.”

J to write ‘gig guidelines’.


Unite Community open meetings

We’re invited to attend an open meeting of the Unite Community group.

Sadly it clashes with the gigs working group meeting.


Next General Meeting – October 7th at 6pm.