GM Minutes 5th August 2014


People’s Kitchen


Compost Toilets working day?

Other events

Wood store / Work day

Circus skills

Three year anniversary! 


People’s Kitchen - New people’s kitchen on Monday? C to help out / co-ordinate who might contribute. Start in a few weeks time? Best to cook on the day due to lack of fridge. Asking anyone to cook the night before could mean asking a lot and more to organise. People’s Kitchen working group to be set up. Aim is to start organising when people are back from festivals etc.

Gazeebo – Needs to be brought down tonight and put up for tomorrows gig. Best not to leave it out afterwards but put it away.

Compost toilets – would be good to go properly off-grid and save water. People have offered to help. Hold a toilet making session as an event? Need wood or scaffolding – but where would we get it?  Need to set a date and time. P happy to make posters.

Other events – Hold decorating event as part of bike workshop weekend? Opening the space for general use – how and who? Having a day to take care of the space – fix stuff, tidy up etc. C happy to do maintenence more than meetings. Events board outside? – C has cabinet that could be used for display.

Wood store / Work day - need to get ready for winter. Blue palets could be useful for building it. Part of a work day? One idea is to replace broken windows with perspex rather than glass. We hope to source perspex sheets.

Circus skills – Tried recently but didnt take off into regular event. G to do it again. Better publicity and plan is to run it regularly. Need to agree a date – first Saturday in September? Agreed.

Three year anniversary - have a party! Flesh it out next meeting? Halloween themed? Zombies? Whole weekend Friday – Sunday?

Bike Workshop and Sgwrs Cymraeg events back on after a break and should be regular.

Next General Meeting – Tuesday September 2nd, 6pm.