GM Minutes 1st July 2014


Drumming worksop

Circus Skills

Hip-hop nights

Welsh evening

Guitar workshops

Open mic nights

Safer spaces

Band practice


New Drumming workshop – This Friday 6:30pm – 8pm – All sorted, people bringing drums if possible

Circus skills – Not possible for Saturday as G can’t make it. Sunday 13th? Then aim to move it to Saturdays? Agreed. Starts at 2pm like before.

Welsh – fortnightly sessions starting on July 8th. 7pm chat and 8pm lesson. Poster to be changed slightly.

Hip-hop nights - Graff wall planned.

Guitar workshops – C to co-ordinate. Depends on work times. Will get back to us.

Open mic nights – possibly weekly. Need to publicise well first. People’s kitchen with open mic night after on Monday nights? To be confirmed.

Safer Spaces – Print it off again. Look at Newport Rising one. Need a place to put it. Bring for next social centre meeting.

Band practice – one day next week. Confirmed. Band to cover any costs.

*AOB* Posters on the outside? – £50 per month if we want. Mixed feelings. Use the space better to publicise stuff. Even if we can agree no sexism, homophobic ideas we still can’t justify it? Better to say no thanks at this time.

Working group meeting – publicity to host. NP to propose working day.

Next meeting – Tuesday August 5th, 6pm