Open Social Centre Meeting-25th June 2013. Call out for teachers of Workshops, Lessons, Skillshares, Community groups etc!


The Social Centre is available for use for workshops of all varieties for anyone to put on (within reason – no fascists/cops etc).

Thanks to generous, mostly anonymous donations and fund-raisers we now have solar power that can be used for laptops/lighting and audio devices so please don’t hesitate to use the resources we have available.
Open social centre meetings will start taking place again on the 25th June 2013, 7pm.
The meetings will be great opportunity for people interested in having something put on to meet up and discuss times to run workshops- which we can of course promote/facilitate and host.

Residents can be on hand to help with anything you need doing for the workshops, from making posters or updating the website to bringing out refreshments or just being present to help host.
We want to share this free-space with others for workshops, skill shares, activities, community groups, lessons, talks, info nights, games and more so if you want to see something put on please ask and we’ll make it happen.

If you are a teacher or want to try your hand at teaching something we can set up a regular or one-off class for you.

Love and Rage, E xx