December 25th Pot Luck

As the Red and Black Umbrella is also our home, it was inevitable that some of us would be home for the 25th December, we have decided to open up on good ‘ol xmas day and have a lovely big (Vegan-as usual) pot luck meal with an open invitation to friends, family and comrades.

Hot food, tea, coffee, deserts and other vegan treats all welcome, bring a dish! (If you don’t, pretend you did…)

We hope to celebrate the day the same as the rest of the country, but for us it will be a celebration with different personal meanings, instead of part of the capitalist/religious show. There will be no baubles, tinsel or tree, but please do feel free to bring all the pudding you like!

Doors TBA,
Normally as part of our safer spaces policy our pot lucks are dry events but as it’s a special occasion drink will be tolerated, drunkenness not.

Please try to make all meals vegan so all our guests can try your delicious cooking.

Hope to see you there! Love and Peas.x