An update from the house of ‘brollies…

Last Monday we at the RBU had a house meeting where a few close friends came to help out with events and input into the running of the RBU. We greatly appreciated their input and the whole new atmosphere at the meeting felt really good so we have now chosen to host regular social center meetings come new year. . Keep an eye on this site for updates on when that will be.
The agenda was long, and I don’t have the minutes handy but I can guarantee that next year our calendars will be packed with events, workshops and socials that will be run by awesome people and you will not want to miss one of them!

A sneak preview of things to be hosted at the RBU in the new year- combat and self defense skill sharing, sea Shepard talk, language lessons, Cardiff ABC, survival/wilderness skill sharing, renewable energy workshops, readings groups and some other stuff that I can’t remember but I’m sure it’s pretty cool too!
If you have any ideas for the space, would like to organize a workshop, run an event, cook for a people’s kitchen or just want to help out and hang out, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Use of the space is free, and we try and make ALL our event donation based ONLY, so if you’re skint (like me…) you won’t miss out.

Love and Peas. x