Gremlin Alley

For almost 4 months Gremlin Alley, the former Spin Bowling and Gaiety Cinema building on City Road, Cardiff, has been under occupation by The Gremlins. The Gremlins are currently under threat of eviction.

Poverty, homelessness and disability an are being systematically criminalized by the state. The recent law change regarding squatting is nothing more than an attempt to strengthen the power held by greedy landlords and property speculators. Profiteers, leeching off people in tenuous housing situations by creating a dependence on rent games and wage slavery.

The idea that legal possession of gremlin alley could be granted to a man who has left it disused and rotting for more years than we care to fucking count shows the legal system for what it is. A farcical theater dishing out (in)justice to suit the desires of capital, and sustain it’s fraudulent existence.

As Gremlin Alley, the building has been a hub of activity for social exchange, art, skill-sharing and has built strong ties with the City Road and wider Cardiff community. Having successfully resisted one eviction attempt by bailiffs, it stands as a symbol of defiance against the current regime’s determination to attack people seeking shelter. It exemplifies the strength of both the occupiers and it’s community and the ineptitude of the state and it’s goons.

We are inspired by the actions in Brighton on the 13th. We urge comrades everywhere to continue the fight against the system, continue squatting, continue resisting. Action is the best form of solidarity.

Solidarity with the Gremlins

Solidarity with Alex Haigh

Fuck the Fucking Fuckers



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