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KilnAboy album launch – with Firepit!

The RBU is excited to announce that the very very KilnAboy will be launching their new album Prison Bars and Battle Scars with us – in ‘The Den’, with very special guests Firepit Collective!

Firepit, with Jay from the Terrestrials and Chezney from Tofu Love Frogs, traditional/protest acoustic punk folkers…

Also the night features the return to the RBU of …Spanner and …Taffy Twp!

Friday 9th May // 7pm doors

BYOB – Drink tolerated,  drunkenness not.

Suggested donation £5 with any money made going to the recent SWAFA demo in Swansea.

Support you local antifa & get down on the 9th to see these folks! L&r xkilnaboygig

More from 325

From 325 magazine– 

I will wander the world alone carrying my hatred and scorn everywhere.
Alone in struggle.
Alone in victory and in defeat.
Bruno Filippi 

Souls who are grieving for this world, this is why I call you to gather together.
The flag is already waving.
It is black; it stands for mourning. Forward then, wild Promethei. The cry of vengeance is music sweet and dear.
Today it is necessary to kill, to destroy … tomorrow we will be daisies …
Forward, Federation of Sorrow!
Bruno Filippi 

Nothing delicate can survive here.
Nothing fine.
Only the brutal.
Seagulls brash as boys.
The rest sit thin-skinned as frogs,
trying to throw themselves like the sun into the formidable sea.

“So, farewell for now, my friend, until the next round of magic and mayhem against civilisation.”



In memory of Darko Mathers…a lost comrade…

While we knew him for only a short time, we couldn’t fault the dedication and passion of a comrade uncompromised by the struggle…

“a comrade through and through….i will remember him for a long time.”

“a top bloke and a good mate. You taught me a lot and your conviction in your beliefs was something to be admired, I’m grateful for the time we had”

“Darko was in his early twenties. He died too soon, like many of the best.”


The struggle goes on, he will be in our minds and hearts as the barricades go up and the battles go on…

Workday at the Red and Black Umbrella and more…

Hope to see you down the RBU on Wednesday 8th Jan (tomorrow) as we have another workday.

A few of us are putting a vegan breakfast on at 11am for anyone that can come by, and the plan is to eat together and then to get on with a few jobs by midday.

The fortnightly “tea, cake and chat” about the social centre, which is the space to bring ideas, energy and plan for future events, is also back at 7pm tonight.

Other things are back this week as well, including meditation on Thursday at 8:30pm.

Another thing we’re back on is twitter, after a longer break there, check @RedBlackBrolly for updates, news, links and more.

Thanks and happy new year from the crew x

People’s Kitchen back again!


People’s Kitchen is back again tonight at the Red and Black Umbrella.

Come by at 7pm for a hot home-made vegan meal, tea, coffee, and more!

Acoustic guitars and other instruments at the ready, we might have a bit of a jam afterwards. Our Radical Library and free shop will also be open. Event is free but donations welcomed to cover costs. This will be the last People’s Kitchen before January. x


Our next Open Social Centre Meeting, 3/9/13

After a short break throughtout summer, we hope to start regular events at the social centre again.
The meeting will begin at 6pm.
On the agenda will be various events we have in mind, including beginning to organise an Anarcho-Folk festival in Cardiff.
We hope you can make it :)

Love and Peas, E xxx

A belated report of the rumpoles/prison/0NE squat eviction in Cardiff UK

By 07:00 on wednesday 14th august, the roof of the squat had been occupied by a lone squatter who played hide and seek with CCTV in the area for over an hour to pass the time. At approximately 08:30 United Welsh representative Barry James along with police, bailiffs, members of the fire crime unit and workers from Celtic Horizons (approx 20-30 total bodies) arrived and began attacking the frame of a back door. At this point the lone squatter climbed down to seek support from locals (no phone calls could be made). By 09:10 the fuckers had gained access and begun applying sitex to several windows, no support had arrived in time.

Why Barry?! Why!?! :(

ACAB take over Canton Police Station

copshopPress release from Antagonistic Collective Against Boredom (ACAB):

In the early hours of Sunday morning, we entered and occupied Canton Police Station. We did not ask for permission, as it is our legal right to do so. Given Cardiff Police abandoned the building over a year ago, kindly leaving twelve different open windows for us to choose our entrance from, permission seemed a bit of a formality anyway.

We squat because we believe that corporations and landlords have no right to hold property empty for their own profit while people less lucky are homeless, that people should not have to sell their freedom to employers or jump through government hoops to put a roof over their heads, and that the police should not be allowed to act as hired muscle for the rich and powerful, consistently ignoring, abusing and outright breaking the law to maintain the interests of the ruling classes.

We are squatting here to show our disgust at the way the police use their power to oppress others for their own ends. Since the murder of Lynette White shone a light on the corruption of Cardiff Police, the people of Cardiff have seen for themselves that the police don’t protect the public only themselves: while innocent people lost years of their lives in prison, the three cops who set them up – to protect the real murderer – walked free, pardoned by the IPCC in a move that made it clear just who the police care about. We squat here to show Cardiff Police not everyone is afraid.

To have a home is a basic right, not a commodity to be exploited as a resource by landlords for money and by the state to keep us in our place. Taking the building we act as individuals in a community we have made for ourselves, showing our defiance of the culture of fear the police maintain, and our will to resist oppression and support ourselves and on another.

A Co-operative Meditation Group…

…is advertising for friends to join in an equality based meditation practice.
Equality for the compassion and openness to contribute with and for each other, an openness that is only possible without hierarchy.

There will be a meeting to begin where experience and practice for that meditation are discussed and agreed on by method of reaching a consensus.
There will be meditation followed by a chat about what happened during the meditation if people want to talk about it and a meeting about any business relevant to the group.

7.30pm – every Thursday at the Red and Black Umbrella

Free, Donations are Welcome.

For more info contact @sageofhappiness on twitter or email

There is also more info on the blog